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Silly Questions & Deep Thoughts

What is the path to earn a DTM?

Members can receive access to the DTM project on the basecamp once they have completed one path and levels 1, 2 and 3 in the second path. Inorder to get access the member should send a mail to the education team of TMI

Can I have a mentor to apply for the Accredited Speaker certification?

Yes, please refer to

How do I submit a nomination for the Golden Gavel award? Is there any link for this?

Yes. There are separate links for every golden gavel criteria. All the links are available in D120 website

What are the basic techniques for listening when someone speaks?

1) Have an Eye contact with the speaker and listen to what he/she says 2) Keep a tab on non-verbal cues - Body Language - gestures/hand movements 3) Listen without judging 4) Nod your head as a matter of acceptance 5) Ask questions if any and get clarified

In Toastmasters club meeting, who is responsible to call the Speech Evaluators to evaluate the speeches, TMOD or GE?

General Evaluator

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