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Empowering individuals to become more effective
communicators and leaders

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Empowering individuals to become more effective
communicators and leaders

Welcome to the Golden Era!

Samaritan Award

Lets Sing those Unsung Heros , Any selfless effort /deeds can be identified by the members around and the person responsible can be nominated for this award

Appreciation Corner

Lets Praise the Praiseworthy , Initiative to help members compliment the good work done

Buddy a College Club

Corporate Clubs Buddy with new college clubs . They mentor the students , conduct joint meetings and give them idea about communication & leadership skills required in Corporates

Club Mentor coach pool - Club Support Team

New Club Sponsors , New Club Mentors and Coaches for working with struggling clubs will work as a team to provide uniform and consistent support to the clubs Past Excom Members and Leaders can guide clubs that need help with mentoring Excom Members or work with the club for a specific Goal

Silly Questions & Deep Thoughts

Lets Educate our Members by delivering content in Interesting ways.

YLP for Rural, Speech Craft

Running Youth Leadership Programs YLPs and Speech Crafts ( 8 week condensed Toastmasters Education Program for Non Toastmasters .

Back to Roots

Lets Charter Community Clubs in Member's Home Towns and Home Villages. This will help bring in better communication and Leadership skills to Tier 2& Tier 3 cities

Speakers Bureau

Bureau of Eloquent speakers who can deliver Educational Sessions will be working together to share their learning and grow as a speaker

Holistic Calendar

Provide a Birds Eye view of all the events happening across all the clubs , areas , divisions & District

HPL Guidance Team

Team to identify projects that can help members groom their leadership skill , also guide members if they already have identified their project

Good Bad Ugly

Write the Good , the Bad & the Ugly to the District DIrector . The message can be anonymous if you would wish

Community Club campaigns

Marketing campaigns to be conducted by the community clubs to build stronger community

Ice Breaker Marathon

Work with Clubs to run Speech Marathon for New joinees to deliver their ice breaker speeches.

Marketing team

Perform Sales Pitch for starting Toastmasters club by speaking with Decision Makers

Gift a Toastmaster Club

College Alumini s sponsor a Toastmasters Club for their College Students, This will help them give back to their alma matter

Pathways Committee

Committee to help members deliver innovative Pathways Projects , receive guidance to deliver new projects and also publicise innovative projects delivered across clubs

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Director's Note

A decade of Toastmastering has transformed me into A Better communicator, A Better Leader, A Better Human.

Toastmasters helps us polish our rough edges, strengthen our strengths and Identify New strengths. The journey has its ups and downs but it has always been worth the effort.

As a District Director, I have the moral responsibility to put all my learnings to good use, guide more members to reap the benefits and spread the art of better communication and better leadership through Toastmasters.

DTM Gayathri CG


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